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Smart Caregiver Low Cost, Easy to Use, All-In-One Motion Sensor and Alarm


This all-in-one, compact, low cost, motion sensor and alarm allows caregiver to easily be alerted when sensor detects motion. This system is easy to use and set up. This wireless system alerts caregiver when patient vacates a bed, chair or the caregivers designated area. This motion sensor has adjustable tones and can be turned into “OFF” mode. The built-in swivel bracket helps to eliminate false alarms and accurately monitors the patient. Requires 1-9v battery. (not included).Simple set […]

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Protecting Your Assets from Probate and Long-Term Care: Don’t Let the System Bankrupt You and Your Loved Ones


Have you ever considered the advantages of creating a living trust? Avoiding probate through the use of living trusts is a well-known solution, but author Evan H. Farr takes this issue one step further. In Protecting Your Assets from Probate and Long-Term Care, Farr explains the need to consider both probate and the expenses of long-term care when you create a living trust. A revocable living trust, the main tool used for protecting your assets from probate, […]

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Juggling Life, Work, and Caregiving


A staggering 42 million Americans―one in four adults―face the challenges of caring for an adult friend or relative. Although caregiving can be a richly rewarding and joyful experience, the role comes with enormous responsibilities―and pressures. AARP’s gentle guide provides practical resources and tips that are easy to find when you need them, whether you’re caregiving day to day, planning for future needs, or in the middle of a crisis. Equally important, this book helps you care for […]

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Disposable adult bib. NEATsheets 100-Count Box, Grey Dot. 13 inch x 22 inch. No fuss adhesive tabs. Perfect for home and caregiving


NEATsheets are “the better solution to napkins, clothing protectors and adult bibs” for shirts and laps The disposable NEATsheets are perfect for meals, BBQs, picnics, on-the-go, businesses, and caregiving. NEATsheets come in a range of attractive designs. Each sheet measures 13″ wide and 22″ long, and has a absorbent front and repellant backing providing sanitary protection for shirts and laps. Each NEATsheet comes with two easy-to-use peel-and-stick adhesive tabs making them a much better solution to napkins, […]

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Understanding Dementia and Functional Limitations in the Elderly


Dementia in the elderly can produce significant deficits in functional abilities, which can affect their ‘independence’ and ‘safety’ living at home, especially if living alone. This can include: difficulty tending to basic self-care needs such as hygiene, bathing, dressing, etc.; difficulty with taking medications on schedule everyday; preparing and eating adequate meals; increased risk for falling due to incoordination, weakness and poor safety awareness; difficulty with communicating skills, etc. Dementia can also cause a change in personality, […]

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The Thoughtful Caregiver: Surviving, Thriving and Growing in Spirit as You Care for Your Elderly Parent


In the summer of 2009, Rebecca James Hecking’s elderly father suffered a catastrophic fall that turned his life upside down and launched her into nearly six years of active caregiving for both her parents. The experience was emotionally challenging, heart opening and ultimately life changing. Written to provide emotional support and practical advice for you, the adult child caregiver, it will help you navigate the many challenges you may encounter as you care for your elderly parent. […]

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Finduat Wireless Doorbell Operating 900 feet Range with Over 36 Chimes & Adjustable Volume, No Radiation Cordless Music Door Set for Home Villa Apartment Elder-care (White,Waterproof)


Healthy life. The ubiquitous caring. Let you enjoy the comfort and content! Out professional and careful making will Bring more good products to everyone. Humanized design, do not need to turn to professional or installation simple, completely free decorating expense, avoid iron wall, insert the indoor conventional socket can be used, can move installation location. Using high frequency wireless transmission techniques, innovation of same frequency codes and dial the code function, one yard rang error rate to […]

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