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Building Self Esteem in Elderly Nursing Home Patients


Building self esteem in elderly nursing home patients can benefit all that is involved with the aged person, from the Nursing Staff to the Kitchen Staff to even the cleaning Staff. Then there are also the Elderly family, if the person person is happy with the Nursing Home then the Patient will show signs of being satisfied. Then the family will be reassured by their loved one's voice that they have chosen the best place for their […]

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How to Lead Meditation Groups for Seniors: A Resource For People Who Work With Seniors


This easy to read book, along with access to five recorded meditation lessons, will prepare you to lead meditation groups for seniors, even if you have never meditated before. Meditation groups for seniors offer mental, physical, and emotional wellness. Help to manage pain, Reduce loneliness, anxiety and stress, Increase engagement in everyday activities, Improve respiratory function, Strengthen immune response, Enhance peace and joy More seniors should have access to meditation through senior communities, home health agencies, senior […]

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Stuck in the Middle: Shared Stories And Tips For Caregiving Your Elderly Parents


For more than 75 million people in the United States providing care for an aging parent, Barbara McVicker has released Stuck in the Middle. In her book, McVicker provides real-life short stories by caregivers and a practical guide with tip lists.Like many adult children, McVicker felt “stuck in the middle” of the needs of her children, her aging parents, and her career. As the responsibilities became too overwhelming, she quit her job as a development director for […]

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Silver Mother – Smart Care For Our Loved Ones


Silver Mother is a comprehensive life monitoring solution to let seniors live a safe and independent life. Silver Mother’s sensors seamlessly blend into the everyday activities of seniors. They continuously monitor their safety and health. Family members and caregivers can remotely make sure that their loved ones are enjoying a secure and healthy life and receive immediate alerts when a cause for concern is detected. Silver Mother is a set of carefully designed monitoring programs to adapt […]

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Elderly in Home Care Doesn’t Mean a Lack of Socialization


While the vast majority of seniors prefer to age in one place, many seek assistance from home health companies and assistant living services because of an increased need for personal assistance or in home care. Numerous studies have been conducted that show that seniors having social connections through family members, friends, social organizations, even companion animals is directly linked with their overall good health, prolonged survival from serious illness, and longevity in general. As seniors age, the […]

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Mindfulness for Carers: How to Manage the Demands of Caregiving While Finding a Place for Yourself


Carers are particularly vulnerable to feeling stressed, worried and worn down by the vast demands that often come with caregiving, be they physical, psychological or emotional. Mindfulness can be enormously beneficial to carers, whether professional or voluntary, as a means of developing greater inner stability, resilience and gaining more control over their thoughts, feelings and emotions. Mindfulness is an evidence-based approach that is proven to help protect against stress, anxiety, depression and burnout. Dr Cheryl Rezek provides […]

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#STRESS: How To Care For Aging Parents And Our Emotional Selves: An Adult Children’s Guide To Caregiving For The Health, Home, Housing, And Financial … depression, relief, less, worry, help, tips)


#STRESS: How To Care For Aging Parents And Our Emotional Selves: An Adult Children’s Guide To Caregiving For The Health, Home, Housing, And Financial Needs Of The Elderly Parent Have you ever wondered how you will feel when you are suddenly given the responsibility to make important decisions for your parents because they are no longer capable of doing that for themselves? How will you handle their financial affairs? Will they prefer to get home care services […]

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